Political Science Education Must Know

Political science is a social science that focuses on government, public policy and international relations. Political science education involves the study of human behavior in political systems, including politics, law and diplomacy. This field is also known as political studies or political science. Political scientists look at how government affects other aspects of society such as the economy, culture and religion.

Political Research Methods

  • Research methods
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Data presentation
  • Theory and research design

Social science is a broad field, and there are many ways to approach the topic. In this course, we will focus on the four stages of research: data collection, analysis, presentation and theory development.

Comparative Politics

Comparative politics is the study of how different political systems work and how they relate to one another. It can be broken down into three subfields: comparative government, comparative history and comparative international relations.

Comparative Government

Comparative government examines how countries around the world organize their governments and rule over their people. This includes studying how these governments are structured, who makes decisions within them (and why), what powers each branch has over other branches or even other countries’ governments, who is eligible for office etc…

Comparative History

This subfield focuses on analyzing past events by comparing them across time periods and/or geographic locations. For example: The American Civil War vs World War II; Iraq vs Afghanistan.

American Government

The American government is a complex system of checks and balances between three branches: the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

The legislative branch makes laws; the executive branch carries out those laws; and the judicial branch interprets them when there are disputes between people or states who have broken them.

The president is head of state and commander in chief of all armed forces but does not have much power to make new laws on his own–he must ask Congress for approval first. The two houses of Congress debate proposed bills before voting on them, but they cannot pass anything without presidential approval either (unless they can get enough votes from members). If both houses disagree with something he has done then they can impeach him, remove him from office, which has only happened once so far!

International Relations Theory

Theory of International Relations is a branch of political science education that deals with political behavior and international relations. It can be defined as the study of international politics through the use of theories, concepts and methods employed by other disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology and anthropology.

political science education

Political science education is an important part of a political science degree. It helps you learn about the world and its systems, including politics.

Political science education helps you understand the political system, how it works, and why it works that way. It also teaches you about different countries’ governments, their policies and how they affect people’s lives.


There are many more political science topics to study, but these are some of the most important ones. If you want to learn more about this fascinating subject and get a degree in political science, then check out our list of top universities!