White House is Fighting for Americans…. Calls on Congress to Do Their Jobs! Repeal and Replace Obamacare!


The White House issued an executive order that promotes choice on health insurance across state borders early Thursday morning. As they continue to fight against the failing Obamacare, they continue to call on Congress to do their jobs. The statement below was issued by the White House in regards to cost-sharing reductions. The White House is a standstill point in time where they can no longer proceed without the help of Congress working on this horribly failed bill.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has made numerous statements on behalf of the White House of calling on the Congress get back in session to make a dent in what is known as the failed Obamacare. The White House continues to Advocate for the millions of Americans are currently overpaying for premiums that they cannot afford. This bill was set up specifically to make healthcare universal and sheep and it is done exactly opposite. It has split the market and has made it much more expensive and harder for middle-class Americans.

What do you think? Is Congress failing? Should we repeal and replace? Repeal?

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