You Decide: Did Texas Motor Speedway Just Show Their Support Against The National Anthem?


2 Weeks ago in the wake of the National Football League protests many NASCAR team owners let it be known that if any of their drivers kneeled for the national anthem that they would become employed.

President Trump tweeted his appreciation that the sport would continue to respect our flag.

NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted in support of the kneelers saying that it is their “rights.”

This evening on a non-race night Texas Motor Speedway lit up their massive television screen with the number 88 which is Dale Jr.’s number in the NASCAR Monster Cup Energy Series. With no race and no promotional events, they have no reason to put his number on the screen.

On a typical night this is what the screen looks like:

Photo Credit: Rip Shaub

But tonight this is what was seen:

Photo Credit: Michael Moates

The Narrative Times reached out to Texas Motor Speedway for comment and did not receive a response.

Do you think Texas Motor Speedway is inserting itself in politics? Do you think they stand with Dale Jr.?

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