White House Calls On Congres! Addressing Illegal Aliens, Border Security, and Sanctuary Cities.


Tonight, the White House delivered to Congress the immigration policies in response to president’s plan in reference to DACA. The president asked for a complete review of all immigration policies across the Department of Homeland Security. The White House held a call addressing these issues. The White House talks about making E-Verify mandatory. They say over 700,00 employers currently use the program.

Problems Include:

  1. Challenges removing immigrants.
  2. Enforce once immigrants are in the US.
  3. Chain migration 
  4. Sanctuary Cities
  5. DACA


Border Security – Border Wall

a. The resources of a border wall will be “an invaluable tool.” They believe this will help with a secure border barrier.

Interior Enforcement – Visa overstays, Law Enforcement Resources

a. Work with those who overstay their welcome.

b. Closing legal loopholes that allow visitors to get out of deportation.

c. Using children to exploit illegal minors.

d. Requesting an asylum allows those to be released in the U.S. without a judicial hearing. The White House plans to change that.

-Merit base Immigration System – Spouses and Children

How do you feel about border security?

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