Video: Public Outcry As Netflix Trailer Promotes Animated Child Pornography

Photo Credits: Youtube

As Netflix debuts their latest trailer for a new series called “Big Mouth” it’s been met with quick criticism. For some background, it is described in the trailer description as an “half-hour edgy adult animated comedy” which is oddly enough focused around kids going through puberty.

Mike Cernovich called out the controversy in a recent video on the current trends Netflix has shown in their content as of late, referring to this example as a “new low” for Netflix. He includes an edited version of a scene shown in the trailer though viewer discretion is advised.

The video trailer on YouTube now has more thumbs down than likes with some top commenters commonly questioning what sort of audience this show is veered toward. Two top comments even accusing the makers of appealing to pedophiles:

“It’s like a cartoon of pedophilia. Nice.”

Another echoed such sentiments with each being among the top liked comments on the video:

“This is a show for Pedophiles.”

How the show will be received seems to already be under threat of being pigeonholed by rising opposition before it has even come out. If a trailer can bring such negative reactions then perhaps the show has far more controversy in store as Netflix seems to push the moral limits of its audience.

What do you think about Netflix’s decision to promote this show on their platform? Comment below your thoughts!

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