ILLEGAL ALIEN Boast’s About Being Here ILLEGAL and Suddenly Get’s A REALITY CHECK!


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Paola Garcia, a student at Transylvania University, decided she was going to take to social media to boast about the fact that she was in our country ILLEGALLY. Strong conservative leader and contributor for The Liberty Conservative, Taylor Ragg, was the first to call her out for this behavior on Facebook.

After Taylor called her out for not only her ILLEGAL acts but her boasting on it on social media. Then you will never believe what this girl did next, she, posted a plea for help on Youtube playing the victim card. She cried like a little baby knowing full well that she had broken the law and publically said she was here ILLEGALLY.

I have a news flash for you honey and you can quote me on this:

“If you are stupid enough to brag about the fact that you are here illegaly then you should not cry like a little baby when we launch you over the wall.”

She claims that she is so scared about the things coming in this country, when she was just boasting about the fact that she was here ILLEGALLY.

After Paola played the victim card someone in the president’s office at the university was notified because Taylor received the following emails:


President Carey would like to meet with you tomorrow morning. Are you available to meet with him at 9:00?

Thank you,

Kristin milam

executive assistiant to the president”

Taylor, not knowing what this was in reference to requested more information:

“I want explicit details regarding what this meeting would entail.”

The University responded with:

“President carey would just like to have a converstation about the use of social media. please let me know if you are available.”

Taylor pressed for more details with:

“Again, I want explict details.”

The University responded with:

“It is just a conversation to understand how you see the impact of social media. Beyond that there are no details. It is a conversation.”

Continuing to press Taylor the university sent this email:


I need to rearrange some things. Are you available to meet with President Carey at 10:00?”

Taylor has not yet responded. The university has a history of clear liberal bias. See the emails below:

What is your reaction to the constant liberal bias on college campuses? Do you think we should allow these ILLEGAL ALIENS to be here ILLEGALLY?

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